• Dojo Etiquette

  • Most karate schools require students to show proper manners and respect for their Sensei and Dojo.

    1. Respect is shown by Bowing

               When entering a Dojo. You should stand in attention stance that is hands flat against your thighs
               and heels together you then bow to the most senior grade in the Dojo you should also bow when
               leaving the Dojo

      1. If late, stand in ready stance at dojo entrance; await instructor’s permission to enter
      2. When you approach an instructor, you should bow as a sign of respect, and wait a return bow before you start speaking
      3. When receiving award certificates or trophies bow to your Sensei as well as the person delivering the award 
    1. It is considered bad manners to idly chatter and lean against walls, especially while your instructor is conducting a class 
    1. When a student needs to adjust his/her uniform, they must turn and face the back of the Dojo when doing so 
    1. When addressing a black belt you must show respect for that rank by addressing them as Sempai 
    1. When giving in to a hold that you are unable to break from you should tap you opponent sharply with the flat of your hand if your arms are pinned you can submit verbally or stamp your foot on the floor 
    1. Your uniform must be kept clean an in good repair 
    1. Metallic objects should not be worn during training due to the risk of injury to your self and to your opponent. (The phrase metallic includes all hard objects that may cause injury) 
    1. Never interrupt, talk back or attempt to correct a higher grade 
    1. Never take advantage of lesser ranks. This is not tolerated. It is considered bad form to intentionally injure any one while practicing