• Philosophy

  • Kamate Martial Arts offers what we, as instructors, believe is the best all round philosophy of self defence available.

    We believe in the holistic view of mind, body and spirit, joined together, to make the whole.

    All three areas are as important as each other and make us the complete beings we are.

    Our system, unlike others, covers all facets of martial arts. We combine the kicking of Tae Kwon Do, the punching and strikes of boxing and kick boxing, the throwing and rolling of Judo, the forms and weaponry of Karate and the restraining, self defence and the grappling of Jujitsu.

    Our system will help your physical fitness and endurance (body), your discipline and confidence (mind) and your courage and determination (spirit).

    Martial arts can be fun while at the same time helping you to keep fit, giving you confidence in yourself and in your ability to protect yourself.